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Here are some pictures of our latest trip/outing;

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Summer 2007

Saint Paul Saint Game

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Fathers Day 2006!!

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Wendy, Dad, Becky, & Cloe

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Helen, Wendy, & Dad

Jonathon's 30th Birthday!!!

Jonathon, Pastor Dennis, Ehren 

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Helen, Jonathon, Kathy, & Mary    Fran, Tanya, Esther, & Ethan

Celebrating 24 weeks!!!!  With the most romantic man on earth!!!

Mothers Day 2006

Cruise on the Saint Croix

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Jonathon & Helen       Mary Wendy & Helen           

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Ehren Cloe & Becky

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    mothersday06 036resized.jpg (24676 bytes)

Mary Wendy Becky & Cloe


Going to the Range

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Going for a Cruise in the Jeep


Biking near the Mississippi

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First Date out with the Transam

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Us with the clowns at the Osman Shrine Circus



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 Duluth 2006


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